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Gifts for Rich People

Welcome to our world of fabulous gifts for the rich! Are you ready to find a fantastic gift suitable for a rich person? We are here to help with great ideas - we know it is not easy!.

We find expensive, classy and often outrageous items that you can buy or at least order on the web. Our talented staff have scoured the internet to find pieces that are imaginative and will be well received by the well-heeled recipient. See the pages on this site for detail and merely click on the pictures or links to find more detail where you can make your enquiry or purchase.

Rich people's expensive table football game

Maybe give them some weird or wonderful food and drink related gifts - click below for some ideas! They will not have had anything like this before! You can count on it!

How about a Ferrari..........???? 

Ferrari - the ultimate gift for rich people

Guide to Magic tricks - learn 'Mentalism'  - the kind of stuff done by David Blaine, Dynamo, David Copperfield etc!!  The lucky recipient of this gift will need no experience - but quote quickly they will be doing magic tricks for their friends and family!! Click on the picture below or this link for more details or to purchase this exclusive gift! Mentalism Magic!

Master Mentalism Magic

Lets start with Rolls Royce - click on their logo below... 

Rolls Royce

How about impressing your rich recipient with an extravagant hand made table football game? This costs approximately £ 45,000.

Taking over a year to design to its current ludicrously high spec, every aspect of this awesome table has been meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans. People will drop to their knees in utter disbelief and weep with jealousy before pulling their shirts over their heads and doing a few back flips in pure unadulterated joy. Probably. 

Or maybe a Limited Edition Space Invaders chair costing £ 5,500....Created by American industrial designer Igor Chak, it’s made using premium materials, fine leather and even memory foam cushions. In fact, each of these striking pieces of furniture is built to order in LA and then shipped to the UK (staying true to the concept of always approaching from the left).

Rich peoples space invader sofa

You cant get better than a Rolls Royce - the rich person's ultimate automobile - click on the picture of that famous grill below.... 

Gift for rich person - Rolls Royce
Gifts from House of Fraser

Click on the Rolex picture here on the left and be taken to one of the best places to buy high quality watches in the US today.

Since 1997, Time and Gems has been the nation’s largest online retailer of luxury watches. With over 30 of the largest brands and 3,000 of the most desirable models in stock, Time and Gems are a one-stop shop for all Rolex, Breitling, Patek Philippe, Cartier, IWC, Tag Heuer, Panerai timepieces and more.

Established as a luxury watch showroom in Los Angeles over 30 years ago.



Don't waste your time searching through the internet or even worse on the High Street or Shopping Centre or Mall.

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